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Kinda Magic Yarn


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Fact: people wearing snazzy socks have more fun. So, we’ve come up with our sock knitting kits that are all about walking on the wild side. 

With a little bit of help from Schachenmayr REGIA (the world-leaders in sock yarn.), we’ve teamed up to release a brand-new self-patterning yarn – Kinda Magic. As you whiz through your knit, our leopard print pattern will start to show its spots, and then before you know it, TA-DAH – one pair of leopard print socks, as if by magic! 

This is a kit for the more advanced knitter – double-pointed needles and shaping heels and toes can be a bit of a toughie. Gauge is critical in order for the self-patterning motif to appear, so check your gauge on anything from a US1 to US3 needle - allowing you to find the set that works for you. Because of the precise design of these socks, you will only achieve this unique leopard print effect by following the Kinda Magic Sock pattern.

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