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LED Task Lamp with Magnifier

ViviLux LED Task Lamp with wireless charger, USB port and rechargeable battery

Not just any magnifier -- we have added the features you need as the perfect addition for your craft needs.  In addition to our Rechargeable Battery Task Lamp with Wireless Charger and USB charging port, you get:

  • 6" x 4" Optical Grade Distortion-Free 3x Magnifier (most companies only sell 2x magnification)
  • Flexible arm so the magnifier can be positioned exactly where you need it
  • Extra base, so the magnifier can be used freestanding, independent of the Task Lamp
  • Connectors to attach directly to the Task Lamp

Be the one to create bright vitality in the darkest spaces of the world! Or, illuminate your desktop. Your choice. At ViviLux, we’ll help you out. We created this multi-functional lamp to convert to life’s varied needs. Easily move it from the puzzle you’re putting together on the table to eating dinner in front of your TV! Then, when it’s time to write in your journal, it’ll provide the best light!

The rechargeable battery means this is lighting that gives you serious versatility! And, it’s not a dull light that you really can’t see by, no, it gives serious lighting even for intense projects like needlework and working with miniature objects! Go ahead and add it to your cart. Let us amaze you with the brilliant lighting solution we made just for you.

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