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Felting Needle Tool

Applique's are easy. All it takes is a light punch.Place the applique over the base fabric and pierce lightly with the Needle Felting Tool.
The fibers will become interlaced, attaching the motif to the fabric beautifully. (Repeated piercing produces a fluffy image of the applique on the reverse side of the fabric)
Suitable Materials
AppliqueFelt sheet (50% wool content or more)
Natural felt (wool woving)
Wool yarn
Woven wool fabric
Base FabricWool knit
Woven wool fabric
Felt sheet (50% wool content or more)
Felt sheet (acrylic, etc)
Woven or knitted cotton fabric
MaterialBody/Cap: ABS Resin
Needle: Steel
Safety Cover: Polycarbonate

CLOVER-A little piercing with this felting needle tool is all it takes. Appliques are easy! All it takes is a light punch! Comes with fine needles for a wide range of fabrics. Includes a safety locking device. Ideal for attaching appliques to knits! The needle points are very sharp and dangerous. Handle with care. Features a lock-in-place open ended cap for safe storage and transport. Measurements: approximately 4H x 1.1W inches. Imported.

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