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All Your Knitting Notions, New Arrivals from Katrinkles, La Jolla's Color of the Month, Fall Class Sign Up and more!


All the Adorable Tools You Need 
from Katrinkles!


We are delighted to introduce Katrinkles to our community of knitters and crocheters at Wool & Grace.  We love these adorable wooden tools that will help keep you on track throughout your knitting projects.  Katrinkles Mini-Tools have everything from Gauge Swatch Rulers to Needle/Hook Gauges (both pictured above), to keys for those knitting basics that we can't ever remember like M1R/M1L and German Short Rows (pictured below).  These Mini-Tools are $9 and can be hooked together to carry in your notions bag everywhere you go.  


We also love the variety of stitch markers available from Katrinkles (pictured below).  Ring Stitch Markers are printed with friendly reminders of increases and decreases, perfect for reminding you where to do what!  We also have a set perfect for sweater knitting, printed with instructions like "BOR" (beginning of row), "RS" (right side), "sleeve", "front", and "back" - indispensable tools for sweater knitting.  Stitch marker sets are $14 each and each comes with 6 stitch markers.



Click here to see and buy all of the adorable and exceedingly useful tools from Katrinkles!  

Sign Up for Fall Knitting Classes Today!

Our Fall knitting classes are right around the corner!  Whether you're just beginning or ready to re-start after a relaxing summer, now is the time to sign up!  Our classes run for 8 sessions for $160.  


Beginners Learn to Knit

Perfect for newbie knitters who've never picked up needles before.  We'll teach you the basics, we'll go at your pace, and we are always patient & kind.  Now is the perfect time to learn a new skill, and we have the perfect team to get you started.


Tuesdays, 12:30pm - 2pm, September 10 - October 29

Saturdays, 10:30am - 12pm, September 14 - November 2


Beginners/Intermediate Combo Class

This crew is always a mixed bunch - and we like it like that.  Our Combo Class includes absolute newbies and a bunch of knitters who are a lot better than they think they are.  Whether you're just beginning or starting a new project that will require teaching support, we've got you covered here.


Wednesdays, 12:30pm - 2pm, September 11 - October 30

Fridays, 10:30am - 12pm, September 13 - November 1


Intermediate Knitting

Our Intermediate classes are like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure knitting class.  We'll often guide you for a project choice, helping you choose something that's an appropriate challenge to help build your knitting skills.  Or you can come in with a project that you just have to make, and our expert instructors will help you get there.


Tuesdays, 10:30am - 12pm, September 10 - October 29

Wednesdays, 10:30am - 12pm, September 11 - October 30



Can't Wait Until September?

Don't worry!  Our drop-in knitting classes are running through the end of August.  Come in Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10:30am - 12pm for knitting help and instruction.  Classes are $20 each.  Our table has been filling up, so secure your spot and sign up online right here!

What's On Our Needles?  Let's Ask Sarah!

We all look up to Sarah as an awesome knitter: her years of experience and technical knitting expertise gives us all something to strive for.  When recently asked what's been on her needles, she gushed about her recently finished Bouquet Sweater (pictured above, pattern by Junko Okamoto) that she knit up using Blue Sky's Eco Cashmere.  When I asked Sarah about this project, she reported that Pioneer (the yarn the pattern calls for) is actually more like a DK-weight yarn, and that Eco Cashmere was a perfect match. As for Eco Cashmere, she loves it so much she needs to make another sweater out of it, and if she had her way - she'd sleep on sheets made of it! 

Eco Cashmere is a delightful blend of virgin and recycled cashmere.  As a dk-weight yarn, it's a great weight for sweaters and accessories that can be worn throughout the three seasons (or even in summer).  Because of the nature of it's production, it's also a relatively good deal (for cashmere!).  Each skein is 164 yards and $33.  Click here to learn more and buy online!

Clear the Cubbies, Part 2

Our Clear the Cubbies Sale is still going on, and we have some delightful yarns that still are still hanging around! Check out this weeks blog, with tons of NEW ideas about what to do with these special yarns that also happen to be SPECTACULAR deals.  Click here, get reading, and get ready to make something beautiful with some great deals.

And just to remind you, our sale yarns are...

Kathmandu – 30% off, $17.50/skein

Sita – 30% off, $10.85/ball

Big Freakin’ Wool – 50% off, $10.50/skein

Misty Wool – 50% off, $10/skein

Neve – 30% off, $8.40/skein

Dromedary – $13/skein

Stargazer – 50% off, $10/skein

Criative DK – 30% off, $11.20/skein

Cobasi – 50% off, $5.60 – $6.50/skein

Odin – 50% off, $8/skein

Regia Tutti Frutti – 30% off, $13/skein

Baby Cashmerino Solids & Tonals – 30% off, $7.35 – $8/skein

Falkland Aran – 30% off, $18.20 – $18.70/skein

Ladies and Gentlemen, Grab Your Needles!

Addi is bringing all sorts of needle delights to market this summer!  We are excited to have just received Addi Rocket Squared Needles!  Why square? Addi Rocket Squared are slightly rounded, square needles to promote positive ergonomics when in use, stimulating circulation and reducing tension.  Long tapered Rocket Tips making it effortless to slide into any stitch.  And as with all Addi circular needles, cables are perfectly pliable.  

We currently have Addi Rocket Squared in 24" length from US5 to US10, and are $18.50 each.  Click here to learn more and buy online!

In addition, Addi is expanding their line of our favorite innovation for small-circumference knitting-in-the-round!  Addi FlexiFlips now come in knitting needle sizes up to US11!  FlexiFlips feature dual-tip technology, with one Turbo Tip and one Rocket Tip on each needle.  Its flexible cable on each needle makes it so knitters only need 3 needles for their small-circumference knitting-in-the-round.  

FlexiFlipXL range in size from US9 to US11 and are $31 per set.  Click here to learn more and buy online.

The original FlexiFlips come in sizes US0 to US8 and are $24.50 per set.  Click here to learn more and buy online!


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